Transportation, Waste Management/Recycling and Machinery/Heavy Equipments Hiring Company.

Introduction of Wazir Mohammad Transport L.L.C

WAZIR MOHAMMAD TRANSPORT L.L.C. has been Established in 2000 & is the most Valuable Market Leader that sets Trends & records around the region with dedicated & Professional Sta Committed to Excellence is safety, Maintenance, availability Reliability & total cost Eectivencess.

Our Mission

  • To eliminate the transportation problems of our customers.
  • To maintain our position as the market leader in transportation.
  • To be a well known & reputable company.
  • To enrich our experience in the transportation field.
  • To be a public company.
  • Deploy the best people, equipment & solutions to enable our customers to safely build a better & stronger future.

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Experience seamless transportation solutions tailored to your needs. Book now for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services. Unlock a hassle-free journey with our trusted transportation company. Call us today and make your move.

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Our Transportation Excavation Works

Excavation Work

Sand Filling

Levelling & Compaction of Site

Maintenance of Materials Stock Piles

Loading & Offloading of Marine Vassels

Hazardous Waste Collection & Transportation

Export Service

Our Service for Waste Management

We offer these waste management services like waste collection and transportation, collect waste oil, chemical waste collection etc.

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Dubai Address

I-07 International City, Dubai, U.A.E

Al Ain Address:

Truck Road, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi